3 Reasons to Grow and Raise Your Own Food:

In today’s state of business in agriculture, it is vital to have a handle on the origin of your diet. There is a blurring of lines between large agribusiness and regulatory oversight in government.

Policy is often aimed at protecting the business of agriculture rather than the consumer.

With that in mind, here are five important reasons to grow your own food.

Control the Process

It is common practice to process sewage waste into fertilizer, which is not permitted for use on certified organic farms. This is not the scariest product commonly introduced into the ground. I will post more detail on the process of growing some awesome backyard veggies soon.

Save Money

There are ways to source quality seed for cheap or for free, and there are simple ways to raise chickens for eggs in your own backyard. With a small upfront investment it is possible to save hundreds of dollars on groceries during the summer and fall months. The amount of money you save is dependent on what you grow, and how much you can preserve for use during the colder months.

Improve Your Wellbeing

Eating a diet of mostly fresh, organic produce will increase the amount of nutrients available to your body. One of the benefits of the increased density in nutrition will be a better sense of satisfaction with smaller meals. There is growing evidence that the soil itself contains organisms that can boost the levels of serotonin in your brain. This is the hormone that is responsible for happy feelings.

I won’t list fun as a reason to grow better food for yourself, because if you are not having fun with it, you are doing it wrong!


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